The brain of an entrepreneur looks for opportunities

Yours can do it as well, because we have the similar brains

How much do people differ from each other?

Yes, we have different appearances, eye color, hair – everything that we received from our parents from birth.

But how deep is the difference between the brain of one person and the brain of another person? At the physiological level, at the moment of birth the difference is quite small. Further changes in the way we think and the way we behave are a matter of environment and upbringing — the examples we see, the experience we got in childhood and adulthood.

Imagine, a child sees a tired dad who comes back home after work, argues with his mother about money and does not play with his children, as he is simply too tired. At some point dad says to his child:

– You need to study a lot, just like me, to be able to find a job. Otherwise, you`ll have no money to live.

It is quite a forced behavior pattern, right? The threat of lacking something. There also can be something like this: “You have to study a lot… to be as tired as I am, and to argue with your future wife about money”.

Will the child inherit this behavior? Will the child want to get education or work hard? That’s an open question. Work and education in this model are rather forced things that are better to avoid if ever possible.

Imagine another family. In the evening dad cheerfully tells mom that he’s found a new place for another bakery. And when mom asks if they have enough money to expand their family business, dad says, “Money is not a problem, let’s go for you take a look at the place, you’ll definitely like it. I am just delighted with it and already see the new equipment there”.

What does the child hear? Money is not a problem. What you do can be delightful. The work itself can be enjoyable. This forms our mindset. Our program of actions.

The entrepreneur’s brain looks for opportunities. The entrepreneur tests and searches. Your brain can do that too, as our brains are the same. This is the question of the “setup program”.

A person is naturally gifted with such an interesting thing as “self-awareness”. That is, the ability to catch your thoughts and say to yourself “Hey, as long as I look at things this way, definitely there won’t be any result”. Therefore, we are able to learn not only instrumental skills, but also the way we think. We are able to perceive other thinking models in order to understand what another person wants. We can learn to speak differently, act differently, and think differently.

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