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Several years ago, I found myself in Boston at a marketing conference.

Apart from the fact that the “Boston Tea Party” took place here and started a movement, which turned into the beginning of the United States War of Independence a year later, the city is also interesting because over a hundred higher educational establishments are located on the territory of Boston and the surrounding area.

Among the most notable universities and colleges in Boston are Harvard and the famous Harvard Business School, not to mention the best law and medical schools.

The conference was remarkable, with about 24,000 participants, more than 60 streams in parallel. After a busy conference day, we went for a walk to see these famous universities with our own eyes.

Yes, they were great, beautiful and very neat. We were able to calmly go inside some buildings and see what the classrooms and laboratories looked like. But it was not the walls of the buildings and the equipment of the rooms that were especially memorable.

At some point in time, we were blocked by the flow of students, which burst out of the large high doors. Apparently, some class or some kind of seminar had ended and the students fled out into the street. Casually dressed, with backpacks over their shoulders, they looked just like ordinary students. But one important difference still made us stop and listen to this live stream of people. There was a rumble in the air. They were continuing to discuss what they had heard at the lecture. These young guys were arguing about something, gesturing, discussing, and they just gave off energy… I don’t know how to explain or convey this. They were kind of very, very charged.

Several people stopped and photographed something on the billboard that stood right across the street from the building the whole crowd of students had just left. There was an advertisement on the billboard. Advertising the Harvard program for the development of entrepreneurial projects. Just a couple of words, a logo and a barcode, by clicking on which you could get to one of the sections of the university website.

I am not inclined to confidently criticize how education is organized in our country and praise how education is organized in the States. There are enough problems everywhere and the cost of education is one of them. But. I remember how my classmates and myself left classes. We went home or just relaxed in the park. We did not go to discuss the charge of knowledge or ideas that we had received. And the question is not only and not so much that we did not have a program to support entrepreneurs. It was a question of mood and attitude: we do what we think. And what surrounds us can either help us think in the right direction or interfere and defocus.

👉 There is such an idea: an ordinary cucumber, getting into a jar of pickles, also becomes a pickled cucumber. It simply does not have the opportunity to remain not a pickled cucumber.

We are what we think. Our behavior is an extension of our thinking. We act or do not act based on the mindset in which we find ourselves.

Not everyone has managed to find themselves in such a charged environment as Harvard or some other leading university. But we can choose in what environment our mind and our thoughts will be located. We have such a solution, colleagues.

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