(1-minute thought) Why boosting your skills will not return you anything

You study, but nothing changes

Why boosting your skills alone will not return you anything?

We live in a skillset-driven society, where we focus on learning new skills and improving those that we lack. That often makes us believe that we need more (MORE!) learning to achieve our goals. Some people stock up on courses, others attend workshops or read books hoping to find a skillset that will put all things in order: here I am, here are my skills, here are tasks, here is work, here are the results, here is well done. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to depreciate skills to produce an artful wording. To have your work done, you need to know how to do something. To know how to do something, you need to have skills. But in most cases, this is not enough, it also requires adjustment in our thinking, otherwise, we find ourselves in the situation “I knew that it would be so! Why did I [didn’t] / [didn’t start] / [didn’t plan ahead] again” (chоose the best for you).

We think the way we think. Or rather, we think as it is recorded in our mind. According to the program our mind is taught to think. Our thinking is determined by the previous experience and assumptions, which, in aggregate, can be called a mindset.

🧠 Mindset is an OS that manages our brain. We do not want to use phone with the previous OS version. If you have a new fashionable car, you don’t want to use a firmware that may contain errors. But more often, paradoxically, we use an “OS for our brains”, which may be 10, 15 and even 20 and more years old.  We use that mindset, which was integrated by our parents, school and college. Those, who were more fortunate, were slightly fixed at the first job, until we became “experienced and mature” and stopped updating our OS.

👉 The good news is that to change your mindset is much cheaper and faster than mastering a new skill. Therefore, the first step is just to accept that firstly you will be working on your thinking. We decided to discuss how the mindset is changing and what is needed to get completely different results from your work and your favorite occupation.

Stay tuned. Probably, this is the day, when the most interesting trip starts, the most interesting upgrade project this year.

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