How to do the splits?

Why falling apples won’t help everyone discover the law of gravitation?

What have we already talked about?
We live in a skillset-driven society 
Automated ants in the head
How many satellites were launched solely on motivation?

The idea of ​​small steps comes hard to us. Not to all, but to many of us. It happens that if you really make efforts, you want to get the prize right away. A marathon is not a story for everyone.

We are bombarded with the idea of ​​quick success from all sides.
— A breakthrough startup
— 50% per annum in a month
— Lose weight by 5-10 kg over the weekend
— Rapid career growth

Have you ever wondered why is it so? Why is “Eating anything and losing your weight” a dream for millions of people? Even is there is a huge percentage of reasonable, sane people among these millions?

👉 It’s hard for us to measure efforts in the long perspective. Multiplying this complexity of long-term assessment by future uncertainty (“I save money for my child’s university, and then maybe he wouldn`t want to go to this university at all!”), we are more prone to quick solutions that seem simple to us. We are surrounded by fast selling ideas because we ourselves create the demand for such ideas and concepts. We want easy and simple solutions and we get them through social media and advertising systems in the form of “tips”, “publications” and “recommendations”. Let’s put this idea aside for a minute.

👉 Changing your mindset is not always a revolutionary process. It rarely looks like an imaginary apple falling on your head and making everything “suddenly becoming clear”. In order for the fallen apple to reveal some truth, the scientist had been solving other complex problems in his head for many years, giving his brain a certain plasticity.

The process is rather more similar to stretching so that the gymnast can end up doing the splits. If you were previously unable to do the splits, you will hardly be able to achieve this as a result of one powerful motivational effort. Getting your body to do something it couldn’t do before is not an instant process. Exactly the same non-instant process is changing the way of thinking in order to give it plasticity.

👉 Plasticity of thinking is the ability to dynamically sort out and meaningfully transform the structural components of the situation being solved in accordance with the professional goals set. Plasticity is about finding multiple solutions in situations when others find one or two.

We change in the zone of proximal development. If you are currently employed and you want your own business, but do not start to implement it in any way – most likely, these two worlds in your head, these two ways of thinking are separated not only by a set of some knowledge and skills, but also by a certain amount of time that is needed to “stretch”, to change your view on some things that bother you.

Don’t switch over, this week we’ll tell you how you can change in this direction.

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