[exercise for 2 minutes] What will you be when you grow up?

Two halves of your professional and career profile

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— [BMUP] Program for entrepreneurs with a stupid acronym 🙂
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My diploma supervisor at the first university said a long time ago that he would invite me to give open lectures about the work of a manager. At first I thought it would happen once or twice, and then I even liked coming to my alma mater, meeting students and seeing how they change from stream to stream.

For many years now I have come to the audience and tell students what the job of a manager or leader is. I also ask them questions about who they plan to become when they start working. I mainly meet students of technical specialties, so at the beginning of each meeting I ask the question:

— Who of you wants to do programming and technology after university?

Taking into account the specialty that students are now receiving, about 80 percent of the audience answer affirmatively. Then comes the second question:

— And who of you is planning to do programming for the rest of your professional career, or at least for the next 20 years?

And here the percentage of those who answered affirmatively rarely exceeds 15-20 percent of the audience.

Then I try to ask the students why they answered that way and it turns out that the ambitions of many of them go beyond the career of a specialist or engineer. The answers are different, but in general, if you collect the most common answers, you will get something like this:

— I would like to have more freedom in decision-making and have a greater influence on the business in which I will work.

Developing this story a little, the audience and I quickly come to the motives of professional or career growth, and also touch on the origins of the desire to create one’s own business.

— More freedom
— More influence on what is happening
— Higher income

If you think about it, some very reasonable things are voiced, even though the students themselves may not have practical work experience. Rarely does anyone only want to perform tasks developed by someone else and turned into well-defined tasks.

👉 I have a suggestion for you: take a pen or open a blank google document and do the following exercise, literally for 2 minutes.

Please write 5-7 points that describe your work in 5-7 years. How do you see this position? What do you do? What are you responsible for? What do you spend most of your time on when you work?

We will not ask you to tell us this information, so write calmly and openly, as if you were communicating with yourself. And in a few days we will return to this question and try to speculate a little together.

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Now, that’s it, have a nice day, colleagues!

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