Where you look, there you will get

Logic of management

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Last time (if you managed to find several minutes for yourself), we agreed to try to do a simple exercise.

👉 Please write 5-7 points that describe your work in 5-7 years. How do you see this position? What do you do? What are you responsible for? What do you spend most of your time on when you work?

If you missed our previous note – no problem, maybe you can write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper or in a google document right now? Seriously, we will wait 🙂 And if you have already managed to do it, scroll further.

Done? Fine. Let’s go further.

Among the people who have mastered a motorcycle, there is a phrase, “Where you look, there you will get”.

What is its meaning? For example, in order to be able to react to an obstacle, you need to look further than the obstacle. If you look only under the wheel, it is impossible to drive straight and there is no time to react to a hole or a stone. You need to look where you want to get.

Just a few quotes that we came across while preparing this note:

👉 “Within the nearest 20 meters, the pilot will not be able to do anything with his trajectory… But he can understand how to cover the next 50 meters… The higher speed, the further you look”.

👉 “If you look at a hole, but not how to go around it, you will get into it. If you look at the side of the road in a turn, you will get on it. Remember the driving school – did you notice that at the beginning, when you look under the wheel and on the line, being afraid not to drive on it, in the end you do? When you drive into a turn, look at the way out of it, draw the trajectory mentally, and not with your eyes, on the asphalt, in front of the motorcycle”.

We think the logic is clear – if you want to be in another place, you need to see this place and plan your actions in advance.

Now let’s see what we have written for ourselves answering the question “how do you see your future position?”

If, even despite a small hint in the question itself, which shifts the focus of your attention to the future, you have described something that painfully resembles your current working day, and especially if what you are doing is not very convenient for you now, maybe it’s just that you “look under the wheel” and not “around the corner” and simply do not know how to build a trajectory?

But how can we understand, how can we imagine the place where there may be more interesting tasks? What’s around the turn in your engineering career? It seems to us that there is business there. And that’s the reason why we are talking about these turns – because we want to draw this picture together with you, to understand how the world of business and entrepreneurship can be of interest to you.

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