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We need your decision before the end of the day

Last call – TETICS TEAM Course program Team Hello, My name is Vyacheslav Pankratov and I love to run educational programs. Over the past 10 years, […]

Business-class education: what will you get?

Completion and services of your seat on board Welcome. Let’s imagine that all boarders are open again, and you can easily plan your trip in the […]

[Tomorrow: 30.01] A marathon about the tasks of team leaders and here’s what we noticed

You like it when people do something to you at the last moment Good afternoon, colleagues. Tomorrow, January 30, on Saturday, we will have almost all […]

Causes and consequences analysis

Unpleasant retrospective Hello! Let’s imagine: you came to your car in the morning and couldn’t start it to go to work. It’s a technical problem, but […]

When the ceiling collapses you for your own money

Why not buy in the record? Why are you messing me around? Hi everyone! It’s Slava Pankratov and today I want to discuss with you my […]

Boring and helpful tuition installments

We cover the interest Hello everyone! That is the case when all news fits in the topic and tagline 🙂 Not all things in our life […]

Where should you go if money doesn’t define everything clear

We have begun to write an overview or discussion of what has happened in IT over the past 10 years and why, sometimes, developers are paid […]

[Survey results] Where does working time disappear

And how we rob ourselves, colleagues As you remember, we decided to deal with the question of how much and on what purpose we spend time […]

Where does your time go?

Let’s collect statistics for further speculations We decided to figure out how much time we spend when we go to work and what we spend it […]

The best changes don’t always start with dashes and hyper-efforts

Normal here and now is normal The main thing is to decide! In one quick motion! Quit tomorrow! Live day and night on the floor of […]

Childhood traumas of a manager and a leader

  For TeamLeads, Project Managers Let’s digress from tasks, priorities and project management frameworks for a couple of minutes. A team lead or manager is, first […]

Tetics PRO Three-Day Sessions

How You Will Change Your Management Style Hello. Why are you reading this newsletter? Why are you studying? What is the general purpose of learning? It’s […]

12 Principles of Working with People

When you take action, always think about the effect it will have on your long-term relationships with people, especially if they find out your true motives. […]

Why Do Customers Demand Stupid Reports?

A comical incident occurred at one of the conferences. One of a listeners came to me and asked: – Alex, there is such a question: how […]

How to Explain When you Have a Gut Feelings ?

Have you ever had such a thing that you thought for a long time about a work (or personal) situation, and then whoops! and everything seemed […]

29 Mistakes of Programmers Manager

If you have already managed to lead programmers a little, being a manager, a team leader of a small team or even a director of a […]

3 Facts about Professional Orientation

When my colleague Slava Pankratov and I launched our yearly educational program, at first we were going to make individual education plans for each student. So […]

4 Reasons Why People Don’t Do Something

So it happened that my father-in-law and mother-in-law are Doctors of Education. Which leads to the fact that willy-nilly you start comprehending various useful techniques One […]

5 Symptoms of Being Ill As a Professional

The problem with career and professional growth is that nothing hurts. It is a terrible and mean disease: everything is OK, nothing hurts, you get paid, […]

How to Listen to Nasty Criticism: 4 Useful Questions for every Day

Do you like it when people speak ill of you? We don’t, absolutely. However, we have to admit that such criticism is often the most useful […]