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Last call – TETICS TEAM Course program Team


My name is Vyacheslav Pankratov and I love to run educational programs. Over the past 10 years, we have launched and conducted about 120 diverse courses for managers and team leads and wrote you probably thousands of notes on social networks. And there is one note that I love to write the most – this is The Last Call, the last message, the last touch when starting the program. And this is it – this is the Last Call of our newest, perhaps the best program of the Tetics School of IT Managers

Next week there will be several more messages, where we will explain what will happen with the Project Course (and very interesting changes happened in it at the last moment), we will once again invite you to the author’s course “Management in The Coaching Style”, but today we want to remind you for the last time that tomorrow, February 5, 2021, the TEAM course starts. And this Course is the point our project and our School began 10 years ago.

Tomorrow you will be meeting live with our founder and leading soft skills coach for many generations of our students, Alex Orlov. He is one of the few people that is changing the way you think. Then you will go to the groups to open the first case or the first task in this program together with our facilitators. For many of you, I’m sure it will be a completely new and cosmic experience, because most likely you haven’t learned like that yet.

For some of you, it will be a set of interesting tasks and cases, for some it will be a new experience of persuading and defending your decisions to other people in the group. But for everyone – this is not only our opinion but also the opinion of the majority of our graduates – this will definitely be one of the most important decisions in your professional career. Because after the course, you will no longer work as you did by now. You will become a different manager, a different team lead. Maybe a little, but most likely you will change your style of work for many years ahead.

In The Last Call message, it is customary to remind that “the clock is ticking”, that “the train is leaving”. And this all is of course true. And every time I write such message it seems to me that they turn out to be very sad: everything is lost, the steamer is leaving the pier, autumn has come, sadness.

But after all, “the train is leaving” for those who don`t need this particular train and this particular direction now. And for those who made a decision, bought a ticket, and boarded the plane – the journey is just beginning. Therefore today, we will not rush and urge you. Today I invite you to share this awesome feeling of the future big trip. And if you were waiting exactly for such a letter or note, if you needed some kind of sign or hint from the universe, let it be it 🙂

School of managers
TEAM Course (start Feb 05, 2021)
Business College (start at any point in time: annual change program)
We have a lot of tickets and this is not the last chance, but just an invitation to those who were a little late with their choice.

THE LAST CALL – TETICS School of IT Managers

Today until 6 PM GMT+3 we are ready to receive everyone. If you do not keep up with the payment, just write to school@tetics.com and we will accept you into the Course. And the next week we will solve all the payment issues.

See you tomorrow.

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