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The purpose of our training is to teach managers straightforward techniques that minimize mistakes. Our vision is a School that helps managers and communicates with them in the world’s most widely-spoken languages.

Custom programs

Our coaching arsenal includes practice-based training modules , that cover most skills necessary to a modern team leader, manager, or specialist.
The recommendations we offer are based based on our cumulative 20 years of experience working in various teams and projects, hiring and firing employees, retaining the best professionals, and creating an environment that encourages high performance.
At the moment, we have over two dozen modules under our belt. . However, realizing that every company has its own objectives, we offer the opportunity to shape your training program based on your needs.

People modules:

‣ The roles of manager and team leader in IT
‣ Transition into management: joining a team
‣ Team audit
‣ Interviewing, hiring, and firing
‣ Conducting technical interviews
‣ Task setting, task control, and delegation
‣ Managing different personality types
‣ Communication within the team
‣ Interacting with the customer and the superior
‣ Constructive conflict resolution
‣ Controlling team dynamics and feedback (motivation, one-on-one meetings)
‣ Introducing changes
‣ Decision-making
‣ Holding efficient meetings and facilitation at meetings
‣ Managerial negotiations
‣ Burnout prevention
‣ Coaching-style management

Project modules:

Agile methodologies
Basic PMI course
Preparation for PMP certification

Cooperation format

– Duration: 1–1.5 hours

– Number of participants: a group of 12–15.

– Online.

– Duration: Two meetings 4 hours each.

– Practice: working on assignments to master management tools.

– Number of participants: a group of 12.

– A series of 3–4 workshops.

– A series of workshops aims to develop comprehensive skills such as team management, communication, motivation, and leadership.

– Increased efficiency through repeated exposure to learning materials, controlled introduction of the studied techniques, etc.

– Number of participants: up to 12.

– 1–3 days.

– Duration: 1–4 hours.

– Number of participants: 20–200.

– Theory illustrated with real-world cases.

– Program tailored to the client’s request.

– Wide range of formats and flexible approach (we align the format with the client’s needs by combining training events and long-term programs, engaging coaches, and so on).

– The duration varies from two or three months to a year.

– Participants can access theoretical materials in their Personal Accounts.

– Practice sessions in small groups with a School facilitator.

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