[Tomorrow: 30.01] A marathon about the tasks of team leaders and here’s what we noticed

You like it when people do something to you at the last moment

Good afternoon, colleagues.

Tomorrow, January 30, on Saturday, we will have almost all day dedicated to interesting reports and speeches on the tasks of the team leaders and leaders of divisions (on the air). This time, we decided not to gather too many speakers, but to make several connected chains of performances from our coaches. First, let’s recall the program. After this, we want to share with you an interesting observation of how we postpone everything for the last moment.

Tetics open marathon «Tasks of team leaders»for the team leaders themselves, for HRs, directors, and heads of departments

📑 Schedule:
✔️ 11:00 Moscow time: Alexander Orlov
“The path to team leaders and the tasks of the team leader”

✔️ 12:00 Moscow time: Anton Savochka
“How to find enough time for studying, family, and yourself when you work from home?”

✔️ 13:00 Alexander Orlov
“Leader as the leader, coach, and the most intense element in the business-employees system”

✔️ 14:00 Moscow time: Slava Pankratov
“Controlled team: when do you need to turn the steering wheel in a completely different direction?”

✔️ 15:00 Moscow time: Ivan Selikhovkin
“Project management, team management, and business management – what is common and how does a manager control this connection?”

✔️ 16:00 Moscow time: Slava Pankratov
“What if I don’t want to become a leader? What are the options in big business? “

✔️ 17:00 Moscow time: Alexander Orlov
“About slowing down, pauses and the need to learn”

✔️ 18:00 Moscow time: Slava Pankratov
“The new reality of work in 2021-2025: what has changed and how to work with people now?”

Come and recommend it to your colleagues

The observation we observe (copywriters cry in the next room) at the launch of each event is that approximately 40% of participants register on the last day. Either everyone has an incredibly good memory and no one forgets to go and register for a webinar at the right time, or the latest letters and messages on social networks are magically seen by 10 times more people than the first ones:)

There is an idea that we are postponing some business because we do not know whether on this cherished date there will be enough time and strength. And there is always a temptation to “watch it later in the record”. In this case, there will be plenty of new urgent tasks later – we understand, we behave just the same. Our nature is such that in big things we inherit ourselves from small things. In other words, the habit of postponing something small is easily accumulated and can lead to the fact that we will also postpone important things in our work, like team, customer, management.

Of course, the possibility to allocate time and come to one event will not change our habits at all. But one step, one decision, one seminar about what is important for the team leader and manager is more than nothing.

Come tomorrow, we will be glad to see you, dear colleagues

And of course, we remind you that the beginning of the next big program is scheduled for February 5, 2021

See you in the next program.

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