Boring and helpful tuition installments

We cover the interest

Hello everyone!

That is the case when all news fits in the topic and tagline 🙂

Not all things in our life need to be exciting, new, and innovative.  A fork, a spoon, a chair and a table have not changed structurally for a very long time, but they still work and we use them.  The installment plan from the bank is not the most, let’s say, space based and innovative products, but when it becomes a simple tool, the things we want are getting closer.

Education is expensive, both in terms of time and cost. We want to make it easier for you to plan your finances, therefore we have agreed to pay in installments and we will cover the interest.

You can apply for an installment plan directly from the website:

Installment is valid for one of the courses of the program “Team” or “Project” or both at once.

Come to study, colleagues. This is the best investment we can make right now.  There will be a lockdown, there will be some other restrictions and budgets for new technologies will be reduced or not allocated, teams and projects still need to be managed.

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