[BMUP] What will I get as a result?

Business mindset is good, but still…

I really appreciate pragmatism in people. When a person’s efforts are aimed at obtaining a result and he moves towards his goal: this is what I want, this is what I need for this, this is what I will get in the end, and if I lack something (resources or knowledge), I definitely know that the knowledge or resources I need can always be found.

For about a month I have been talking with students of our new Business Mindset Upgrade Program (BMUP) and those who write and ask questions about this program. You know, this month I realized that creating and running skill programs is much, much easier. Skill is an understandable thing. You study it, you apply it, and some result is immediately visible. You could not do something, and now you can do it – it means you have learned. And if after that some change occurs in your work (more interesting tasks) or income (the salary has increased, a bonus has been given) – the circle becomes clear: you need to study something in order to get different results. 

“What will I get as a result of training in the Mindset Upgrade Program?” – is the most common question that I have answered during the last month. The question is more than clear – there seems to be no indicator, the light on the control panel did not start blinking anywhere in a different color, because the operator now has a new mindset.

When you study a foreign language, you will be able to somehow speak and understand others in this language. What happens if you learn the language of business? What is the language or the most common model for discussing a business idea? That’s right – a business plan.

As a result of studying in this program, you will make your personal business plan.

Yes, it’s that simple. But you will come to this part of the program with other brains. And you will develop a business plan not on enthusiasm and emotional charge, but calmly and consciously, in a team with a real financier, analyst, a person who advises businesses and manages several businesses himself. The last few months of the BMUP program are the practice of creating and finalizing your business plan, preparing it for presentation to your future partners.

🔻 The program 🔻

We remind you that in a few days we will be holding an open seminar on the entrepreneur’s mindset.

The presentation itself will take about 30-40 minutes, after which we want to answer your questions and communicate in a format convenient for you, colleagues.

On March 25, 2021, at 19:00 GMT+3, we decided to hold an online seminar on the topic of Business mindset upgrade.

We will tell you what a mindset is, how it is formed in relation to money and work, how it can be changed and whether it can be done in general, and, of course, we will invite you to become students of this program.

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