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March 25, 2021 – sign up for the seminar

It would seem that business is a simple thing: you try something, if it works, you repeat and try to scale it up, if it doesn’t work, you turn it off and don’t do it. So it might seem 🙂

But what if you offered something to a client, but he didn’t need it at the moment? Offer a second time? And then a third time? How to make sure that you do not get too bothersome and do not cross the line between “reminding about yourself” and “driving someone sick and tired”.

Here, at the stumbling point for every intending entrepreneur who starts offering his product or service, there is a simple answer: do not just offer to listen about your product, but try to be an interesting and useful storyteller.

Now a huge number of online seminars, presentations, webinars and auto-webinars are held around us. All marketers want to grab the client’s attention, but not everyone understands that in the process of communication you need to be an interesting interlocutor, otherwise it is no longer conversation and communication, but a waste of time on the verge of psychological violence 🙂

“No, no listen, sit to the end of my advertising speech, and then I may answer your questions!” – how good it is that it is easy to leave an online session, and this scenario, which is easy to get into in case of a live event, simply does not work online.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to talk to your potential clients – do some good, tell something interesting or useful.

Shall we try to see if we can follow our own advice?

We have already invited you to this promotional event, a webinar presentation of our program, but if you missed it or if you have not been to our events before, we will specifically say: we will try to be interesting first of all, and only second of all, we will try to convincingly invite you to our program 🙂

On March 25, 2021, at 19:00 (GMT +3), we decided to hold an online seminar on the topic of Business mindset upgrade.

We will tell you what a mindset is, how it is formed in relation to money and work, how it can be changed and whether it can be done in general, and, of course, we will invite you to become students of this program.

Sign up for the free webinar

Business mindset upgrade program: BMUP — student enrollment is open

  • 50+ modules of 30-60 minutes each for self-study
  • Program Modules open automatically: once a week
  • Access to materials at a convenient time for you
  • Every two weeks: a live Q&A session (session of answers to questions)
  • $ 100 / month or $ 1000 when paid for a year (- $ 200 when paying for the entire program)

Study the content and enter the program of your mindset upgrade

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