Business-class education: what will you get?

Completion and services of your seat on board


Let’s imagine that all boarders are open again, and you can easily plan your trip in the autumn to the conference or just decided to walk around in New-York.

Everything is quite clear with flight tickets:
— economy: $600
— economy and luggage: $750
— economy + luggage and extra legroom: $850
— business: $3000, because there is a different lounge, a different boarding line, may be a separate transfer to the plane, there are no or fewer lines, different meals, more comfortable seat, and you can also stretch your legs and sleep (that can be a delicate condition for a traveler in general). What if you choose a training program?

If there are two courses with more or less same logical content, then, in most times, they have been compared in view of the Program duration: this one takes 24 hours (yeah, about three academic days), and this one takes 32 hours (and this is 4 academic days).

In this case, training is a tool, with which you want to achieve some result. Most likely, you want to start/learn to do something in a different way or to try in the process and understand, whether the training solves your real task or not. And the duration of training is only one feature of this tool.

Just to give an example (probably, men will understand more): a razor can have one blade: or may have three. Shaving will not get three times better, but it will be more effective and better for the same number of actions, or skin irritation will reduce thanks to the faster shaving.

Which features one can highlight in the training to identify and underline differences between “economy” and “business-class”? Let’s try. We do not aim at comparing our training format with the one we can find in the other courses on Runet, because, commonly a proposed training is much different as concerning duration, and price and content. We have taken an average team management course provided by other Schools and would like to show you how trainings can differ in format.

What you getRegular ProgramStratoplan:Black
Theory (yes, this is important)12-15 classes, 1-1.5 hours each — about 12-20 hours5 three-day sessions, 6 hours of theory each – about 30 hours of theory
PracticeAssume that each class needs the same time for preparation – 12-20 hours of individual work more  5 three-day sessions for 7-8 hours of practical and group classes — about 35-40 hours of individual and group work: — 10-15 hours of individual work — 25-30 hours of group work
Total duration1.5-3.5 months5-7 months   (5 months of training + 2 months of extra summer negotiating practice)
Bonus materialsUnavailable, or in the form of records made during guest speeches (10-12 hours)Live performances of guest speakers, with the opportunity to ask a question or study materials recorded after live broadcast (10-12 hours)
Bonus Program modules2 months of extra classes: 10-12 of hourly negotiating practical trainings on the topics passed in the primary Program
Format“Online, at a convenient time” usually means that the materials are initially available only in the form of recordingLive workshops according to the schedule, with the possibility to ask a coach + materials are available at your profile in the form of recording  
Access to materialsEndlessEndless:)
Scoring system to get a Certificate of completion  ++
Possibility of individual graduation project following the training+
Recruitment possibility+
(claimed, we haven’t checked)
—   (we consider that this is a conflict of interests of our corporate clients and the School)  
Level of group students and respective level of group work, discussions and networking  basic and intermediary   (master profession and get first job, according to the marketing)intermediary and advanced   (we do not teach how to master the first profession, we teach those, who already work)
Coach supportby emailby online Q&A system*during workshop
*during additional Q&A sessions (questions & answers sessions)
*during additional classes at the request of students of the cohort by emailby Q&A system
Support of a curator during the whole training period—   Usually there is no appointed curator at all, or organizational issues are addressed with the support group of the whole cohort of students by email/messenger (curator does not see a student in work)    *appointed curator observes a student during training sessionsany organizational issues
*are addressed by the curator, who is always available during working hours
*curator contacts a student, who missed training process curator can provide personal feedback regarding student’s engagement with the process
Individual work of student with materialsIt is mostly implied, but not supervised during the training or supervised upon delivery/checking of home tasksCompleted after theory of the modulePostponed “for later” / done as an afterthoughtQuestions about homework can be asked by email or in messenger to the trainer with a delayed response  *Individual work is a must in student preparation for group work
*Individual work is integrated into the training process (theory – individual preparation – group work)
*Individual solution is immediately checked by other members of the group and finalized together with the group and curator until working solution is ready
*questions on practical application are immediately reverted to the coach and discussed by the whole cohort
Group work with other studentsIs usually unavailable, since everyone studies according to his/her own scheduleStudents do not discuss with each other achieved results and questions raised*Group work is an integrated element of training system
*Group work is facilitated by the School curator
*Group can undertake functions of facilitation of the discussions
*Each participant of the group is obligatory engaged in the discussion by facilitator and makes an in-depth study of the materials during training process
Additional work in groups between training sessions—   Option of a training process was not found in most Runet courses  *Is an additional and optional part of training process
*Allows to make an in-depth study of more difficult module or rare tasks on additional practice
*The School provides such additional tasks methodically (cases, tasks, recommendations)
Personal profile accessed by browser or mobile application++
Closed chats for students of the cohort++
Closed alumni community+/-+
Availability of cases and customized training tasks  +/-   Sometimes there is only a theory with questions for consolidation or automated tests+   Cases are the intellectual property of the School, as in the event of the world’s leading MBA programs
Auxiliary guiding instructions and questions for discussions facilitators—   None, since no group discussions of cases are available  +   Developed by the authors of cases to check the solution reached by the group for reliability and finalization of the groups’ solution  
Program Lifetime in the market as a certain indicator of practitioners using the same philosophy and tools in their work  1-2 years   That follows by replacement of coaches/teachers, or Program goes out of style  10-12 years   Program has been developed, operated and improved by the authors engaging third party experts-practitioners, methodologist and guest speakers  
Interview with students on admission to the Program (selects those you will study with tomorrow)  —   Apparently, there is no entry interview?+   Individual interview is a must, because we want to see smart and adequate people study and work in the groups  
Selection of working language+   Russian or English
PriceProgram of competitor 1: RUB 68.000
with 50% discount until RUB 30.000 (~$1000*50% = $500)     Program of competitor 2: RUB 180.000
with discount until RUB 108.000 (~$2400*40% = $1400)
Program of STRATOPLAN school of managers   RUB 148 000 or $2000   No discounts and other marketing tricks
SolutionYour choice 🙂Register and pay 

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