The application process for future students

Why do we have such a lengthy admissions process?

Our students study in groups. The motivation and engagement of each participant affects their personal involvement and the overall dynamics of the group.

Each participant’s level of interest in the program depends on how well the group is matched. Groups are arranged according to the complexity of the tasks they will work on.

Our training format is based on resolving scenarios that a manager would typically encounter in the workplace, these are then followed by group discussion.

After we receive payment for the course, we ask students to complete an introductory assignment, which is used to group the students according to their level of experience. The assignment also allows us to assess the willingness of each student to study in our format. The assignment asks applicants to solve a case, describe the main steps for the solution and complete a questionnaire. The next stage is an online interview with teachers at the School.

The final decision on admission is made by the School, after the interview. Should the interview be unsuccessful, the full amount paid for the course is refunded to the student. According to the results of the interview, the student will also receive recommendations by the school on the modules in the course and Author's Studio that they should enroll in.

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